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Welcome to Radio Monash's brand new recording studio!


Professional grade recording studio... 

Free to use...



The Radio Monash Recording Studio is a brand new studio facility located in the Radio Monash Rooms upstairs in Campus Centre, Clayton Campus. In 2022, Radio Monash received a grant to rebuild our rooms and as a part of that grant a hefty fund to upgrade and improve the recording studio. As such, much of our backline, microphone collection and hybrid digital and analogue patching system is brand new. 


Radio Monash is a space for musicians and audio engineers alike to learn, grow and have fun. It is a recording and rehearsal facility with equipment available for both purposes. To become involved, please reach out to our 2022 Production Studio Directors, Patrick Edwards and Daniel Parr.


This studio is free to use for all Monash students, staff and alumni. 

Production Studio Directors

Patrick Profile Picture.jpeg

Patrick Edwards

Daniel Parr


At this time, please contact us at to book the recording studio!

Live room
3V0A9353 (1).jpeg
Control Room
Gear List

Condesnor Microphones:

Austrian Audio OC818 x1

Roswell Audio Delphos x2

Rode NT2-A x1

Rode NT2 x1

Behringer B2 Pro

MXL 2006

Audio Technica AT2020

Rode NT5 x2

Samson C01 x2

Dynamic Microphones:

Sennheiser MD421 x2

Sennheiser E906 x1

Shure SM57 x4

Shure SM58 x6

AKG D112 x1


Radial JDI active stereo x2

Radial JDI passive mono x2

Berhinger Ultra active mono x3



Mapex Black Panther Design Lab Versutus Drum Kit (22,18*,16,14,12,10) *aux/kick

Ampeg BA-210 Bass Amp

Fender Twin Reverb Guitar Amp

PRS Archon 50 head with PRS 2x12 Stealth Cabinet 

Kustom KG 212 FX Guitar Amp

Fender Precision Bass 

Fender Stratocaster Ultralux 

PRS Hollowbody Standard SE

Ibanez QX54QM

Marin X Series 12-string

KORG Kronos 

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