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"Here's to 50 more": Radio Monash celebrates birthday with alumni event

Incoming president Nick Lazzara instructing the committee before the 50th event begins. Photo by Jordan Tranter

Last Thursday, Radio Monash celebrated its 50th anniversary, inviting family, friends and alumni, dating back to the club's inception in 1972.

While a tinkle of glasses and the chatter of old friends was the auditory backdrop of the night, speeches from Radio Monash founder John Maizels and Paul Cuthbert were the main event. In their best presenter voices, they reflected about the early days of the station and the challenges they faced. Crucially, they highlighted the importance of the DIY attitude and inclusive spirit that has been at the core of Radio Monash since its inception.

John Maizels delivers an encapsulating speech about the origins of Radio Monash and their experience starting up a student radio station. Photo By Jordan Tranter.

Similar themes were echoed in speeches from alumni and current members Gabby Mountjoy, Giorgia Cahoon, Tom Reynolds and Elle Brooker - all sharing their experiences of throwing themselves into projects with little to no knowledge, but a strong drive to succeed.

Organising festivals and gigs, building transmitters, writing shows and dealing with bureaucracy were universal experiences, evidenced by the collective groans and laughter within the room. Importantly, one only had to look around and see CEOs, radio presenters and politicians to see how these skills had held them in good stead.

Incoming president Nick Lazzara drove this point home in a speech which emphasised the need to continue providing opportunities to students to learn and grow through hands-on experience. "We want to be a place where anyone's welcome, but all can get involved in different ways."

Alumni are given a tour of the newly refurbished band room. Photo by Jordan Tranter.

The outgoing 2022 committee was thanked for their hard work, and the incoming 2023 committee expressed their excitement for the year ahead.

Overall, the event stood as a fitting celebration of the legacy and continued success of Radio Monash. An inspired and excited attitude was the conclusive feeling , summed up by one attendee who said, "See you all at the 100th anniversary!"

Radio Monash members past and present gather together for a group picture. Photo by Jordan Tranter.

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