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50 Years in the Making: Monash Radio Returns Post Renovations

New Radmon member Harry Minack and treasurer Shak Dias enjoying the newly refurbished radio studios. Photo By Jordan Tranter

After being closed for most of the year, Radio Monash has opened its doors to its new studios and band room, just in time for its 50th anniversary celebrations.

The ‘Back on Earth’ event held last Friday night, invited club members - new and old, to experience the updated broadcasting and office spaces. This included a professional standard band room, with state of the art instruments and recording equipment.

Pushed back by lockdowns and stifled by technical difficulties renovating the radio monash studios has been a challenge. For the committee, no space other than weekly zoom meetings has been the main point of call.

Vice president and live music director, Nick Lazzara said “It was quite difficult renovating,” however, “for the space, we’ve got a lot done.”

The renovation comes at a perfect time for Radio Monash, as attention turns to its 50th anniversary. To celebrate, the club is hosting a commemorative event on the 8th of December with alumni from previous years in attendance. Mr Lazarra said after being closed for a long time, the future looks bright.

“I'm excited about what the future holds for Radio Monash. We are really at a turning point. In a world where people don't listen to as much radio, we are excited that we can adapt and be able to bring in more live music, bands and become a bigger ecosystem.”

The club's pivot to include both radio and a high tech recording space has won a lot of fans. Below, members of the club can be seen learning how to use the studio's recording equipment, as well as jamming out on new guitars at Friday night's event.

Committee members Patrick Edwards and Daniel Parr test out the new studio equipment. Photo by Jordan Tranter

These facilities will be available to all Monash students through Radio Monash, maintaining the clubs accessible and inclusive values. If you or anyone you might know are interested in radio or music, the call is out! Get in contact with our socials and send us a DM.

~ Written by Jordan Tranter ~

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